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Where is Estonia in Europe

Where is Estonia? Estonia is a country in Northern Europe. Estonia is the most northern of the Baltic states. It is bordered to the South by Latvia, to the East by Russia Federation, to the north by Finland accross the Gulf of Finland and to the West by Sweden. Estonia has the longest coastline of the Baltic States. The territory of Estonia is 45 227 km².

The greatest hill in Estonia is Suur Munamägi (Create Munamountain) and it's highest point reaches to 318 meters (1 043 ft). There are over 1 400 lakes in Estonia, most of them are very small. The largest lake is Peipsi (Peipus) which is 3 555 km². There are also a number of islands - over 1 500, also most of them are very small. The biggest islands are Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.

Estonia is also a member of the European Union:

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