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Flag of Estonia (sinimustvalge)

The flag of Estonia has three colors combining three equal horizontal areas. On top there is blue, in the middle there is black and on bottom there is white.

The flag is called in Estonian language "sinimustvalge" (blue-black-white). The colors symbolize Estonian history and landscape. Blue as the color of loyalty or sky, sea and lakes. Estonia has very long coastline, read my page about where is Estonia. Black symbolizes the suffering of Estonian people. And white represents the struggle for freedom and is also a color of snow.

The standard size of the flag is 105x106 cm.

The flag was created by students in 1881 during uprisings against occupying Russian Tsarist forces and was readopted as the national flag in 1990, just before independence.

Flag of Estonia

More about the colors of the flag

By Martin Lipp the color mean: blue - sky about the land; black - fate of Estonians, hundreds years of worries; white - hard work and other human values.

From the historical view the colors mean: blue - ancient freedom; black - lost independence; white - promise of a brighter future.

More about the history of the flag

The flag of Estonian first came to public in 1880, it was then named ad Estonian Students Society (University of Tartu) flag. The first original flag is preserved in the Estonian National Museum. Read my recommendations for Museums in Estonia.

When the Estonian Declaration of Independence was issued on 24th of February in 1918 the flag was used as the national flag, but formally was the flag adopted on 1918 when the flag was raised in the Pikk Hermann Tower in Tallinn. It as taken down from Pikk Hermann Tower when Soviet Union came to invasion on 1940 and was replaced with the red flag.

From 1941 to 1944 the flag was accepted as the ethnic flag of the country when there was German occupation. But it was not the national flag until 1944 when the Germans left.

But not long, soon again begin the second Soviet occupation ant the flag was illegal to use until 1980 when the flag was again raised to the Pikk Hermann tower in Tallinn. Formally the flag was redeclared as national flag on 7th August 1990.

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