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Estonia Weather

Estonia weather is very unstable. We have four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. In summer the temperature is usually +15 to + 25 C and on winter -5 to -20 C.

Of course you are interested about the weather of Estonia online, how is the weather today. We have our own popular site where you can find out online weather of Estonia in English. Just choose the city and in most cases you can see the online web cam.

I'll now write more about geography and climate of Estonia, witch after all affects the weather.

Estonia lies in Northern Europe and is the northern of the Baltic states. It is bordered to the South by Latvia, to the East by Russia Federation, to the north by Finland across the Gulf of Finland and to the West by Sweden. I have a special page with information and maps where is Estonia.

Estonia and other Northern Europe countries are warmed by Gulf Stream. The climate in coastal and inland areas is very different caused by the Baltic Sea. The average annual temperature is 5 C. In winter the average temperature is -5.2 C and in summer is 18 C. The Atlantic Ocean also affects the climate. Estonia is located in a humid climate zone where the amount of precipitation is greater than total evaporation.

In 170 days of a year it rains. It snows usually from December to March.

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