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Estonia travel information

Estonia travel information page gives you brief overview of Estonia and links to sights and activities we recommend.

Estonian people are in very good relations with their country. They love their fatherland for it's natural beauty.

Estonia has very different history, if you compare with other European countries. It's mostly of course influenced by the same wars, but Estonia regained it's independence only about 15 years ago. So there hasn't been so much time to build up the country - everything is still changing very fast. We have done very good progress for becoming a modern European Country. Estonia has been ruled by Germany, Russia, Sweden and Soviet Empire. You can read more about this in my History of Estonia page.

Estonian capital is Tallinn and it's known as one of the most popular travel destination in north east Europe. Read facts, sights and map of Tallinn.

You'll be amazed if you see the natural beauty of Estonia, the endless woods, the sandy beaches in northern Estonia and the lakes and hills in southern Estonia. We recommend to visit Tourist Information Offices where you can get all needed maps and brochures. From our own experience we can recommend you to see these sights and have a good time taking part of these activities.

We are proud of the unique nature and we are aware that to keep this for our descendants we have to protect it - so we have very many National Parks where you can find various hiking trails.

Because of the high latitude, there are big differences in all four seasons. The summer is more light and winter is dark, but the transition between day and night is rather smooth.

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