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Activities in Estonia


In Otepää Adventure Park there are 5 swinging paths between the trees, consisting of different sections. The first ones are rather simple and low. The following paths are more complicated higher. The physical form is important but also the stable balance, strong desire and courage. The Training and Green Paths are allowed for children and there is also the playground for the children. It takes about 2 hours to complete all paths. You are fastened by the personal safety rope.


There are very many opportunities in Estonia to ride a horse. You can find many riding centres in all over the country and you can go to a riding tour in almost every tourism farm.


It is difficult to fish in Estonia without a good local connection. People use ice-, spinning, net-, canepole fishing and electric shock wire to catch a variety of fresh and saltwater species.
You should begin at the Tallinna Kalaspordi Klubi (Tallinn Fishing Club) (Pärnu mnt 42, second floor, tel. 6444-690). Here you can get a three-day permit for the dollar and advice from old experts. You should also study the seasonal regulations. When you are caught fishing illegally, fines can be hundreds of dollars. License is needed for fishing with everything but the pole, hook and non-reel line. You can also call the Board of Fisheries, tel. 6419-006, for details about ruled. It is also possible to buy fishing licenses at some fishing supply stores.
It is popular to catch eel by net. There are plenty of northern pike, trout, grayling, carp and bream and if you are lucky, you can even fish out some salmon.
The best place for fishing is Lahemaa National Park (50 km east of Tallinn). Boat and canoe rentals are available but with poor weather conditions, you're not allowed to head out.


Estonia is great for sea-kayaking and canoeing. You can find here over 1500 islands that are close to the mainland and are easy to reach by kayak. Estonia also has many nature reserves that is only accessable by nature-friendly vessels like kayaks and canoes.

The very popular for canoeing are the rivers in the Soomaa National Park where you can explore the beauty of the nature in various canoeing trips.


The first snow arrives usually in November, but the real skiing season begins only around Christmas time and lasts till the end of March. The biggest snowfall is in southern Estonia – and that’s where the most popular ski hills are located. You can find there ski runs of various difficulty, night lighting, snow-making equipment and also cafes and equipment rental shops.

Skiing hills:
Kuutsemägi in Valgamaa (270-470 m)
Väike-Munamägi in Valgamaa (450 m)
Kütiorg in Võrumaa (300 m)

Cross-country skiing tracks:
Tehvandi in Valgamaa (4,2 km)


All the tracks have digital timing, so this is a good opportunity introducing an element of competition to your group. All facilities are modern and high- standarded. The general format of the race depends on the group size. The race consists of: 1) Warm Up
2) Qualifying
3) Losers' Final
4) Winners' Final


You can play paintball in a disused Soviet Military Base. Crawling through the splinters, jumping over the trash or sniping your friends from the windows of a former soldiers' barracks, administration unit or even the military cinema – it can`t get any more realistic!

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